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Nothing calms the nerves like a night in the woods. I learned this from a very early age. My dad brought me into the woods in a backpack as a young child. After his removal from my life, my grandfather, stepped in and continued to foster the love of the woods. At about age 5, I was already handling beagles in trials. I was walking them to the gate, helping them get painted and gaining experiences that will last a lifetime.

My love for coon dogs came with exposure in my teen years. I loved my beagles for sure but the passion for coon hunting became overwhelming and I knew in the woods with my Blueticks is where I belonged.

I have come to know and love the sounds of the night. My favorite phrase is “Lets put your gear on” my kennel will ring out in cries of excitement and they know its time to go hunting. More often then not it is just me and the dogs, but occasionally I am blessed with my little sister Danni who although is very deep into her studies and sports she finds time occasionally to come hunting with me.

I consider myself very lucky for at such a young age I have been able to travel all over the country and compete at national events, while having the chance to hunt with some of the most prestigious Houndsmen.

Big thanks to…

• My little sister Danni who takes care of my hounds while I’m gone, and for going hunting with me whenever she can. I feel blessed to have a little sister who would rather go coon hunting with me then go shopping at the mall! You’re awesome Danni! I love you!

• Danny Rainville for helping get started and showing me the ropes. Danny, I will always be grateful for every night you took me hunting and helped me with my hounds. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have these amazing hounds. Thanks for the new pups Danny they are going be good ones! Fellow Houndsmen, be on the look out for Lady Luck’s up and coming!

• Darren Batterson for writing that amazing article about me!! I will never forget Autumn Oaks 2013; it was not only an honor to hunt with you but I had a great time. Experiences to carry me a lifetime!

• My Grandfather, Gerard Perreault, not only is he a well known beagle breeder but he is a respected AKC/CKC beagle field trial judge. My grandfather blessed me with the same love and devotion to hounds. You are my idol, my hero, and a father figure to me while mine is absent, a job you took on willingly and have excelled! I hope you’re as proud of me as I am to shout that you’re my grandfather! LOVE YOUR BEAGLING PRINCESS.

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